Varsity Sparks Terms & Conditions

Varsity Sparks is a student crowdfunding competition that is run by Varsity Sparks. By applying to Varsity Sparks, you agree with the terms listed below, by and to the individuals and organisations described.

1. Eligibility

Teams must meet the following criteria in order to apply for Varsity Sparks:

  • (1) The Team must have between one and four team members

  • (2) The Team members must all be students in third-level education in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Varsity Sparks and sponsors of the competition retain the right to refuse eligibility for entry to the competition or for any promotional offers.

2. Application

All applications to Varsity Sparks will be submitted through the Google Form posted on the Varsity Sparks website and social media. All applications must be completed before the deadline of 11:59 pm on the 5th of March to be eligible (Varsity Sparks reserve the right to alter the deadline). No alterations or edits of the application can be requested after an application has been submitted. Successful applicants will be contacted by email. All decisions by Varsity Sparks on applications will be final.

3. Early Bird Referral Program

By participating in Varsity Sparks "Early Bird Referral Program" promotion (the "Program"), you agree to the following terms and conditions (the "Terms").

The Program allows Eligible Applicants to invite people they know to submit an application to Varsity Sparks 2021 competition. The “Referrer” is the applicant inviting the other person. The “Referee” is the person receiving this invitation. Both the Referrer and the Referee must be Eligible Applicants (defined below). The Referrer and Referee could earn a Reward (defined below) when the Referrer invites the Referee to join the Varsity Sparks competition through the Program.

To be an Eligible Applicant for the Varsity Sparks Early Bird Referral Program, both the Referrer and Referee must:

  • (1) be eighteen years of age or older by the start of the competition;

  • (2) a student in Ireland - with a valid student email address (must be used in application process);

  • (3) have a personal PalPay or Revolut account in good standing (“Valid Account”) during the Offer Period (defined below); and

  • (4) receive an authorised invitation to participate in the offer (eligibility for/those who receive such invitation will be determined solely by Varsity Spark); each person is limited to only one application to the competition, using their student email address to satisfy the “Reward Criteria”;

  • (5) use the exact link sent from the Referrer to the Referee;

  • (6) have only submitted one application. Applicants are not Eligible Applicants if their application has been cancelled by Varsity Sparks or if the applicant has been selected to proceed to the next stage but has chosen no to do so.

There is a limit of one (1) Reward per Referee and two (2) Rewards (total of 20.00€) per Referrer. If two or more Referrers invite the same Referee, Varsity Sparks will only credit one Referrer of the Referees choosing (indicated by the referral code used in the application).

A single Rreward is 10€. Any rewards earned will be transferred to your account no later than 31/05/21 at 11:59 pm GMT. All steps in the referral process must be completed by 11:59:59pm GMT on 15/03/21.

The Program starts on 9th February 2021 at 12.00 pm GMT and ends on 15 March 2021 at 11.59 pm GMT time. The Program is limited for a very small number of referrals between a Referrer and Referee only. The Program will terminate after this limited number of referrals is reached.

Varsity Sparks reserves the right to cancel, change, or suspend the Program. Varsity Sparks may suspend or terminate the Program or an Eligible Applicant’s ability to participate in it at any time for any reason. Varsity Sparks can update these terms at any time without prior notice. Continued participation in the Program after any modification of the Program shall constitute consent to the modification.

4. Aims

Varsity aims to help students develop their enterprises and ideas. Varsity Sparks requests that Winners are positive ambassadors for the competition. Each Team member must treat other participants, organisers, and any other individuals involved in the Varsity Sparks competition with respect.

5. Provision of Funding

A prize of €5,000 will be given to the winning team. 2nd place up will receive a prize of €3,000. 3rd place will receive a prize of €1,000. Varsity Sparks retains the right to, at any time and notwithstanding prior written or oral understanding, grant, suspend, deny or withdraw funding from any winner.

6. Intellectual Property

Teams are under no obligation at any point during the competition to divulge confidential information concerning their idea or company. Applicants retain all IP rights concerning their idea. All applicants agree to allow Varsity Sparks to use the following aspects of their application for marketing purposes: Team Name, Team Description & Team Logo (where relevant).

7. Personal Information

We will respect your privacy by not collecting personal information about you that is not voluntarily provided or required to process your application. By voluntarily entering the competition, you grant Varsity Sparks the right to contact you regarding the Varsity Sparks competition and other opportunities that may be of interest to you.