University of Limerick

By Mansoor Ahmed
€ 119500





Ended on 04-04-2021


A global pandemic has created a dilemma in this post-pandemic era where people are afraid and uncertain of virus behaviours. General Practitioner Online Diagnostic is a solution that allows doctors to remotely screen and diagnose their patient's vital signs. This GPOD objective is to help people who find it difficult to visit their General Practitioner and clinics who finding it tough to manage their patients through their legacy Patient Management Application. GPOD system leverages IoMT, AI Machine Learning and Blockchain technologies and allows doctors to screen their patient online. The core objective of the platform is to design the most optimized and secure data-driven system that communicate accurately. 1. The Online Portal for a doctor and patient interaction - Software as a service (SaaS) product. 2. Patient Diagnostic Device (PDD) a physical, electronic product help screening. The full solution work as one system. The PDD system can stream a live patient's vital signs i.e., Heartbeat rate, allow Auscultation Process, and get blood pressure readings and the patient's Body Temperature. The PDD devices element also have a potential patent opportunity that can enable efficient strategies to penetrate the target market faster. The GPOD solution basic overview: The Healthcare providers Application portal - SaaS • Live Patient Screening • Diagnostic tools • Easy Appointment System • Prescription System • AI Alert System • Blockchain Medical Records • IoMT Device sensors controls Patients and user - App/Website • Live Video Chat • Messaging • AI Reminders • Lab Results • Blockchain Documents • Scheduling • Payments Screening Vest - IoMT Devices • ECG • Auscultation of Heart & Lungs • Body Temperature Blood Pressure Device - IoMT Devices • Measure blood pressure • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth System • App Syncing System The GPOD is one compact and centralize system that is easy-to-use, and setup for all.