University of Limerick

By Callum Blake, Cillian Fahy, Fergus Halpin
€ 131000





Ended on 04-04-2021


We are rectifying the current supply and demand issues that have arisen due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Gym equipment has been in short supply following the closure of the gyms and consumers are looking for home gym equipment to tackle this problem. We feel this is an issue that will continue, while the gyms will be open, some people will feel more comfortable exercising at home. The current options in the market have a limited product life span and after a period of use, the user will have progressed to a level which makes the weight they currently have obsolete. They then need to purchase an entirely new weight as they progress through each different weight level. E.g., a beginner might start using a 10kg kettlebell once they progress further and want to lift heavier weights the original 10kg kettlebell would become obsolete and would have to make the entire initial investment again for a new kettlebell. Our design would allow for modular weight increments to be added to an initial stock weight. The additional weight add-ons would be compatible with a range of gym equipment. The design solution involves a cast iron “Snap-on” which could be applied to a dumbbell or a kettlebell. The “Snap-on” attaches as an outer shell to the dumbbell or kettlebell. It is secured and allows for a similar outer shell to be continuously added or removed, as necessary. We believe our product will compete with existing products on the market which are significantly overpriced and do not have a long product life cycle in comparison to our product.