University College Dublin

By Leo Zhou, Benedikt Breitschopf
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Ended on 04-04-2021


Are you easily getting sunburned? Do you want to truly enjoy the sun without worrying about skin damage? "1 out of 3 Americans get sunburned each year" according to a study from the Department of Health & Human Services (2014). Though, UV-Erythema is not only an issue in the US, it affects people all over the world. Going further, sunburns can eventually lead to skin cancer and it became a growing concern as the numbers of cases diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer resulting from overexposure to UV-rays) increased by 44% in the last decade due to a study from the American Cancer Society (2021). Thus, our idea derived from the question: “How to improve people’s health in a way to avert sunburns before it is too late?” And with “Suntastic” we create an app that helps people to prevent sunburns before they happen, ultimately reducing the number of people suffering from skin cancer and enhancing people’s health in general. Our tech start-up has the mission to improve people’s health and provides them with a way to enjoy sun tanning on beaches or skiing during sunny winter days without fearing overexposure to UV-rays. As both founders are tech-savvy, we designed a machine-learning algorithm to accurately detect your true skin tone. With the help of scientific findings on research papers published by WHO and Nature, we are able to calculate user's time to sunburn under different UV levels based on their skin tone. We believe future technology should adapt to individuals. No more generalized weather and UV apps. Therefore, say hi to the version that knows your skin and gives personalized daily recommendations to prevent skin damage or skin cancer.