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By Richard Beattie
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Ended on 04-04-2021


The software tool for hospitality companies to write and manage their recipes with always up-to-date prices, margins, weights and allergens based on ingredients from their suppliers. Food providers can offer over 1000 dishes and for each they need accurate info (above) to control portion sizes, price competitively, and ensure the correct allergens (a legal requirement in all EU countries) and calories (will be required in Ireland within ~3 years) are listed. They currently do this using pen & paper or Excel. Paper copies need constant revisions (as ingredients change) and systems made in Excel require maintenance. For example, my parents run a Catering company and five cafés. Over 14 years they wrote over 1500 recipes in Excel, each linking to each other to pull in information. It worked great while they were small, but as they grew recipes became a pain to share and edit between employees in different venues and were always out-of-date. With food providers upload ingredient lists from their suppliers and write recipes using these ingredients. Uploading a new ingredient list updates all the recipes. Employees have scoped access, allowing managers to see and approve edits. One system means dishes are consistent everywhere they're made (e.g. in café chains). Key points: Developed by MIT 2025 student MVP at Received €2,500 grant from InterTrade Ireland 10 users currently signed up