Broadmeadow Movies

Dublin City University

By Jamie Duff
€ 71300





Ended on 04-04-2021


- A drive-in cinema that always provides additional entertainment and services - Our competitors never have any value adding aspects of their cinema. You arrive, watch the movie and leave. I wanted Broadmeadow Movies to be an exciting and memorable event. - We always go the extra mile whether that be free popcorn and crisps on arrival, a Halloween scare tunnel, decorations or even an interaction with Santa Claus. You always get a pleasant surprise when you arrive to Broadmeadow Movies. - We partnered up with Keoghs, one of Irelands leading confectionery companies. They provided us with enough popcorn and crisps to hand out to each ticket holder on arrival. They also supplied us with products to sell at our venue. - 2020 was a great first year, we did €35,313.09 in revenue from ticket sales and €18,863.09 in profit, for just 3 weeks. - We have over 3 thousand followers on both Instagram and Facebook. - Our additional sources of income include selling food and drinks through our ordering system, renting out spaces to vendors and we can also venture down the route of hiring out the drive-in cinema for corporate events and other businesses. - The plan for the future is to have 4-5 different locations all over Ireland, making it the biggest chain of drive-in movies in Ireland. I want to venture down the path of hiring for corporate events and other businesses as well as I believe there is a big market for this.