Fonz Music

Trinity College Dublin

By Diarmuid McGonagle, Dermot O' Brien, Jay Cowan, Ben Vaughan
€ 114200





Ended on 04-04-2021


Whether you’re blasting Pitbull at the party, jamming to The Kooks on a roadtrip, or vibing to Dermot Kennedy with your mates, there is always a perfect song to play next. But if you’re not the host, how do you play that perfect song? Fonz Music is how you play that perfect song. With Fonz Music, guests can make song requests to their host’s Spotify without bothering her, just like a jukebox. How? The host simply connects her Spotify to the Fonz Coaster. After that, her work is finished. Her guests tap the Fonz Coaster with the Fonz App to join her session. Once in her session, they can search up their song choice, then tap the coaster again to instantly add that song to her Spotify queue. No more interruptions. Because we created the product for our own parties, we’ve party-proofed it. It is completely waterproof, so no need to worry about spills. It doesn’t require a charge, so it’s always read to go. it’s light and portable, so you can bring it to the park, the party, or the carride there. Plus, we’ve recently added a new feature on iOS where your guest don’t even need to download the app to queue a song. We’re committed to making it easier & easier to queue songs. Who are we? We’re five close friends from Trinity. We’ve spent countless hours listening to music together, experiencing this problem, so we decided to solve it for ourselves and everyone else. Best of all, we all have unique skillsets to get it done. Benji defined our brand image, and is now implementing our sales strategy. He has previously worked as a graphic designer, and was a co-founder of Masque. Jay helped us build our app, and is now running our business operations. He has previously been a global finalist in numerous DECA and pitching events. Dermo created the infrastruture of our technology, and is now focused on supporting new features. He has run numerous ecommerce operations and started programming at the age of 14. David joined us recently, and is focused on growing our presence on social media. He is co-founder of fellow start-up Field of Vision and has previously run a F1 social media campaign. Diarmuid built the app, and is now focused on adding new features and spreading awareness for our brand. He has taken this year off-books, and is dedicating his time to this project. Additionally, we recently added aoife & alice to run our Instagram account, so go show them some love at @useFonz. Best of all, we are already cash-flow positive. we sell our Fonz Coasters & we have already sold enough coasters to pay for our manufacturing costs. We will continue funding ourselves by selling our existing inventory and will eventually move into monetizing the queue, just like paying for a song at a jukebox. This is Fonz Music.