Trinity College Dublin

By Evan McGloughlin, Cian McNally
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Ended on 04-04-2021


Diglot is a language learning publishing company. Research has shown that traditional methods of language education do not work - painful memorisation, repetition and tedious grammar classes are ineffective and frustrating for those wanting to learn a new language. We also know that reading is a language learning superpower. When compared with classroom techniques, the average learner can absorb 8x more words per hour through reading. This holds true as long as the learner understands approximately 95% of the content they are reading. The problem is that beginners simply don't understand enough of the beginner reading material out there. Introducing Diglot - the new language learning method backed by 50 years of neuropsychological research and aligned with the way our brain evolved to naturally acquire languages. We take classic novels like *Pride and Prejudice* and *Sherlock Holmes* and weave foreign words into the English sentences. Introducing foreign words within the context of an English sentence allows our brain to form a contextual representation of that foreign word without needing to translate it. At the start of our books only a few words are translated, as you progress, getting lost in the world of fantasy, more and more translated words are added. People acquire languages through context, and we allow this to happen gradually and naturally, without the learner even noticing the language skills they are absorbing. Our collection currently boasts ten books in five different languages. We sell these books through Amazon and our website. So far, we have had great response from our community of keen language learners. People love our books and believe in our vision, and our sales to date have demonstrated this. We have big plans for the future – we want to extend our collection, produce serialised novels and release audiobook content. Our vision is that through reading only 5 of these serialized novels you will equipped with the top 1000 most spoken words. This covers 90% of all speech meaning we are the single best stepping stone for anyone hoping to master that target language. There is no limit on the impact our simple and innovative weaving technique can have on the language learning practices. We also have a vast collection of the greatest classic literature produced throughout history, so there is a book in our collection for everyone!