Trinity College Dublin

By Julie Gallagher, Emma Gallagher
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Ended on 04-04-2021


LEAR takes the headache out of shopping. Now more than ever the sustainability and nutrition of consumers food is at the forefront with 6 in 10 Irish consumers saying it is important to them that the food they purchase is produced in a sustainable way. At LEAR, we wanted to help people quickly understand the necessary facts about their favourite foods in-store, so that’s exactly what we did. We’ve developed an Augmented Reality (AR) app that helps people make more informed choices in the supermarket. Simply enter your nutrition and sustainability preferences and leave the hard work to us. In-store, hold you product up to the shelf and LEAR will generate a unique score for each item, allowing you to compare multiple products at once and decide the best option for you. Unlike  apps currently on the  market , our  unique AR solution allows our users to get this information  seamlessly  without  the need for:  scanning barcodes, searching databases or even picking the product off the shelf. Our business is a data driven model. LEAR is a source of invaluable customer behaviour data - with  both brands and supermarkets eager to learn first-hand, the shopping habits of their customers.  Other revenue sources include in-app advertising and premium accounts – allowing our customers to further refine their needs and preferences and enhancing their in-store shopping experience. LEAR benefits the customer, the brand and the supermarket. LEAR was developed by a team of engineers with a passion for nutrition, sustainability and innovation. We strive to make the best version of LEAR for our customers. As a female led startup, we’ve worked hard to gain as much experience and exposure as we can. In the past year, we have carried out research with  TCD  and EPA  to  develop an all-encompassing sustainability index to capture the impact the food products are having on the environment. To develop our business knowledge and learn from experts in their field, we have participated in startup programmes and sprints including the Web Summit startup program in December 2020, where we were shortlisted to pitch to an audience of over 6,000 people. We actively seek feedback on our ideas and prototypes. We talk to founders, investors and our customers on a regular basis to make sure we are developing a solution that our customers need and want. In the last month, we have launched our beta app on Apple TestFlight and we’re excited to start testing our app with customers - gaining an insight into their experience and taking their feedback onboard.   In an age where the nutrition and sustainability of the food we eat is at the forefront, our solution will help people seamlessly compare products, without the need to even take them off the shelf! We’ve merged the latest technology into a simple and easy-to-use app, saving our customers valuable time and producing the perfect solution to a very time-consuming task. Use LEAR and help change the world, one purchase at a time!