Trinity College Dublin

By Anna Sheehan, Meredith Davis, Ellen Ryall, Ellie Walters
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Ended on 04-04-2021


10 million tonnes of furniture is discarded in landfills or incinerated annually in the EU, meanwhile more than 88,000 people move to Ireland each year in need of furniture. Furthermore, IKEA accounts for 0.1% of the world's carbon emissions which is the same amount as the entire Republic of Ireland. 79% of the young professionals we surveyed want to buy stylish and sustainable furniture, but don't know where to source it. ReFunk is a one-stop upcycling shop, and the innovative solution to sustainable furniture sourcing. We are a platform that facilitates the three stages of the upcycling process. The Donator lists items that they no longer want on the app, The Upcycler collects the item for free, upcycles it as they see fit and lists it on the app to be sold to The Buyer. We aim to change the chain by extending the lifespan of wooden furniture pieces. Our mission is to connect communities by: ­čôŽEncouraging Donators to discard of unwanted furniture sustainably ­čÄĘHelping Upcyclers source materials and reach new customers ­čĆę Pairing Rehomers with unique and sustainable furniture pieces